Excursion to the Middle Ages in South Cantabria

Adventure and comfort describe this peculiar route suitable for all types of visitors.

Adventure and comfort describe this original tour suitable for all types of visitors. We will see Romanesque art in all its splendour, but also another way of understanding Medieval life through the cave hermitages and necropolis excavated in the rock. After passing through El Escudo, we will visit the Arroyuelos cave hermitage then the collegiate church of San Martín de Elines, a jewel of Romanesque architecture. On the way, we’ll see the Cadalso hermitage then eat in Polientes. We’ll continue the tour towards San Pantaleón de la Puente del Valle, an archaeological site that is hardly ever visited and which preserves an impressive necropolis that surprises everyone who sees it, with a church that is partially rock, man-made caves and much more. Next we’ll visit the Romanesque churches of Villanueva de la Nía and Santa Leocadia de Castrillo de Valdelomar, build over a necropolis in the rock. We’ll finish this tour by visiting the cave church of Santa María de Valverde, next to which we’ll be able to see the centre for interpreting rock paintings, the Centro de Interpretación de la Arquitecture Rupestre.

If you'd like to take this excursion, please enquire at the hotel reception.


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